Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oops I did it again. Surefire G3 Nitrolon, jerky and resolutions

I know all of my gear will come in handy some day. Those who know me personally are aware of my fondness for Surefire's G2 polymer body flashlights. They are essentially lightweight plastic versions of the Surefire classic, 6P. G2's are powered by 2 lithium CR123 batteries and I've found these lights to be extremely reliable. Today, with a bit of Christmas cash in hand, I went North to Silverdale, WA, home of Sportsman's Warehouse. I've just ordered a handful of knives and EDC items and Sportsman's had nothing interesting knifewise. I was originally going to buy *just* a box of Surefire batteries, but the lights caught my eye. The G3 in essentially the G2 with an extra battery and increased brightness. Jesus, having a place to live rent-free is encouraging me to continue to go nuts with my obsessive gear buying!! I need to slow my roll if I want to see Europe next year, or in 2010. I'm bad with setting goals and sticking to plans, so we'll see what kind of beautiful evil knife manufacturers like Benchmade release to drain me of my potential travel funds in the coming year. Of course no visit to Sportsman's Warehouse would be complete without insane amounts of dried meat. I bought a pound and a half of assorted jerky flavors. Yes, at one time I was a staunch vegetarian, from age 16-22. Then I had foot surgeries, got lazy and realized the temporary joy a Big Mac can bring. I've never looked back. Yes, this animal loving gear-junkie is a true carnivore.

This blog is terrible for my wallet. Eric and I write about stuff we'd spend our money on anyway, but my little shoulder-devil always says "yes, yes, buy it Aaron, you can write about it on the blog!". I'm a sucker for the whispered words of my little shoulder-devil. He's the one that encourages me to make poor decisions and get fat on bad food!

2009 will be the year I tried. I'm bad at following through. I never finish anything. But mark my words, I'm going to get in shape, go to Europe, and maybe find a wife. Not neccessarily in that order though. I'm baring my soul for those who care to read. In 2009 I have nothing to lose, I'm 31 years old, single, childless and relatively happy, but I need a change. Maybe I should try to find a job in PR or advertising with a knife company? Hmm? Maybe I'll go to Germany and apprentice with some Gepetto-esque knifemaker and live off bread and wine, and run 5 miles daily until I have a better physique than educated action-schlub Dolph Lundgren.

Anyhow, if you're reading, I wish you a happy new year...more to come from S, B and T in 2K9.


Bigmick said...

I feel your pain. Wife, kids and out of shape.
Store bought jerky is pretty costly. My solution was to buy a dehydrator. Buy a few pounds of flank steak and make my own jerky. You can control the quality of meat, flavor and sugar/salt content.
Just a thought.

Happy New Year.

Aaron said...

Thanks Big Mick! I appreciate you reading the blog. I'm wifeless, and kidless, though I have cats, and we're all out of shape! Homemade jerky sounds awesome. my dad had a smoker when we were kids and he used to do awesome salmon and trout, he did good beef jerky a few times, and turkey too. One of the warehouse sporting goods stores I buy knives at has "Big Valley" brand jerky for $10 for a full pound, it's some of the finest jerky I've had, and that price is unbeatable, cosidering just an ounce or so is usually $2-$5...but I'm very tempted to invest in a dehydrator or smoker with the money I'll save by quitting candy.

Bigmick said...

I have a low end dehydrator. Cost like $30, it holds about 2 lbs of meat. Or 3-4 apples. Apple chips are great too.

I like the blog. Gear and Snus are my favorite addictions.

Tanya Jenerette-Begg said...

I can't help with the wife or kids....well actually MAYBE I can!!! I can give you some kids, and I know some single women.....

Anyway, like the blog, very cool. Thanks for the link to us, very cool as well.

Now, you need to stop in for a shop tour, some handling of sharp pointy things, and perhaps even join one of our famous Meet n Greet BBQ's with a bunch of area knife enthusiasts.

Oh, and on the out of shape thing...Todd and I have been totally changing how, what when we eat, hitting the gym three hours a day, hired a trainer....and boy is it not nearly as much fun as packing on the pounds, but it sure feels good getting it off.

Aaron said...

Thanks Mrs. Begg!
I can't wait to check out Todd's shop and get ahold of a Treefrog, and eventually a civilian version of the MIG folder, and BBQ is always good!