Sunday, January 25, 2009

5.11 Tactical gear, 6x6 med pouch

I found myself in Lakewood Friday night with part of a paycheck burning a hole in my pocket. I avoided Tactical Tailor's factory store, as I've spen a bunch of dough there this winter and there's nothing else I need from them. I did hit up their neighbors, Quantico Tactical. I looked at 5.11 shirts, and picked up a 5.11 1.75" TDU belt and some Blackhawk! belt keepers, as my old leather belt is just about done. I also picked up the 5.11 Tactical 6x6 med pouch.

This pouch will be the starting point for my FAK, that's 'first aid kit'. I'll add my daily meds, a white chem light stick [which I also got at QT], self-stick vet wrap aka: 3M Coban, band aids and some other "WTSHTF" essentials. My 5.11 PUSH shoulder bag is awesome, and despite some negative reviews of 5.11 products, I now have the bag, the med pouch and a belt, and I have found their stuff to be of really good quality.

I like the fact that this pouch is molle compatible, making it easy to attach to any other item [like my PUSH bag] or a backpack with the included SlickSticks, which are like 5.11's button-snap version of mAlice clips. The 6.6 Med Pouch has a mesh internal pocket on both sides and the zippers open all the way around so you can fully open and inspect...and get to the contents of the pouch in a true emergency. I have the feeling this pouch will even be good as an edc gear-organizer dropped into a pack or messenger bag. It measures 6in.x6in but holds a lot more gear than you'd think. In a preliminary test, I threw in 2 SureFire G2 lights, a box of 12 CR123 lithium batteries, 2 folding knives, a roll of vetwrap, a sharpening stone and a bottle of pills. I fully intend to actually create an FAK using the 6.6 pouch as the container. I'll keep you posted. So far, i'm really digging my gear from 5.11 Tactical


Legionair said...

I brought that too! I like the design with reliable quality at affordable price.

Aaron said...

yeah! I really like 5.11's tactical nylon bags and pouches, but I also like to support Tactical Tailor, they're in my neighborhood, and they make bombproof stuff that's not too expensive. I'd like to get the TT Tactical laptop bag, it's got pals webbing all over the front so you can add extra space for cables etc.