Thursday, January 22, 2009


I feel there is nothing better than being prepared when your life may be at stake. Every day people spend hours in cars, in buildings or homes and at any minute the building can collapse, there can be an earth quake and your house can be in shambles with you and your family stuck inside, you can lose control of your car and end up in a stream upside down or stuck inside your car when it has caught on fire after an accident.
When seconds and minutes count and your life or your loved ones' lives are on the line, all it takes are a few simple tools to help keep you alive or even to help you get out of a situation. In my car I carry a Benchmade ERT 1 Rescue Tool. The Benchmade ERT1 is equipped with a Hook Tool for cutting seat belts, a spring loaded glass breaker and a submersible LED light. I don’t ever see myself getting caught in any situation that I would need to use my Benchmade ERT 1 but if I ever flip my van and land in one of the many creeks, lakes or rivers we have here in Washington, then I can safely release my family from their seat belts, break a window and get them to safety. Seconds count, especially when your automobile is submerged and it could take rescuers thirty, forty minutes...or never to get to you. A Benchmade ERT 1 runs about $40 and that is a small price to pay even if it only gets pulled out of its sheath to practice using the glass breaker on a junk yard car's window.

Editor's note:
Benchmade now markets the ERT1 tool as the "Houdini Pro". Benchmade has even taken the signature Benchmade Butterfly logo and company name off of these tools, and they are advertising "Houdini Inc." as if it's a seperate company...though these tools are still listed on the Benchmade website. I'm still wondering why Benchmade has opted to re-market some of their rescue tools as a whole different product line. The ERT1/Houdini Pro can be found at knifecenter for about $28.00 USD
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or check out the Houdini Inc. Site

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Anonymous said...

Great tool! I just got 2 of them for the family cars! Although, I hope I never need to use them....