Thursday, January 1, 2009

Surefire Combat Ring kit

It's no secret that I'm a Surefire flashlight fan. I own others, but my Surefire G2's are longtime faves, and as mentioned below, I went out and got the longer G3 last week. Jon aka: Discomfort, my longtime friend and occasional blog writer is a Surefire user also, I believe his light of choice is the 6P Defender. I've always been partial to activating my lights with the momentary ON tailcap, rather than twisting the end for constant ON. Momentary tailcap activation tends to save batteries, and ensures longer bulb life, as the bulb doesn't have a chance to really get as hot and stay hot. That being said, I recently discovered what promises to be the most useful Surefire accessory outside of lithium batteries.

The Combat Ring kit was designed with the Graham lowlight handgun method in mind. As you can see from the diagram, the flashlight is "knuckled" between fingers of the non gun hand and the tailcap is activated with a knuckle. That's all well and good, but that's not what interested me about this kit. As I mentioned, tailcap activation is my cup of tea for Surefire lights. Any one of these rings will allow me a better grip on my G2's and G3 without having to pinch the light uncomfortably between my knuckles for every day use. The Combat Ring kit is reasonably priced, about $10.00 USD for the 3-ring set, so I'll have an option for all 3 of my lights.

I plan on using the loop ring on my G3 to attach a Lanyard Zone Glow Cobra lanyard. These suckers glow very bright, and this set up will allow me to quickly locate my G3 in event of a power outage or nighttime emergency. So, I'll have the hook ring and the standard ring to make using my black and OD G2's a bit easier and definitely more comfortable. Not to mention the fact that these rings just make an already impressive personal light look even cooler!

When my combat ring kit arrives, I'll update on any additional uses or revelations once I've had some time with the cool little Surefire add-ons.
Look for a full review of the Boker Chad Los Banos Direkt tactical folding knife within the coming week. I've had my time with the knife, and Eric has had it in his possession for a few weeks now. It's seen some use, and it is definitely a formidable knife, especially at such a reasonable price point.

Also, Fenix E01 mini-LED light review is on the way, these affordable little wonders come in a handful of cool colors and feature a Nichia LED and will run for 21 hours on a single AAA. Plus, the Fenix website and packaging features some hilarious "Engrish".

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