Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Strider WP from Plaza Cutlery

This is my brand spanking new Strider WP, a newer version with what Strider refers to as a "rail edge". It's got a full-thickness tip and an unsharpened swedge grind. I personally don't have a use for this feature, I just thought it looked cool.

Quick Specs:
Blade Length- 3 1/2"
Overall Length- 7 3/4"
Made of- S30V stainless, and heat treated by proprietary Paul Bos heat treating process
Handle- Olive Drab paracord wrap
Sheath- Kydex with Blade-Tech Tek Lock mechanism for easy attachment to belt or gear

The following is taken from Plaza Cutlery's page on the knife I ordered from them:
"Notes: This is a new grind on the back spine. Heavy chisel edge on the back spine for any heavy splitting that maybe needed. Hence the term rail for heavy work with strength like a rail road tie.
Has a great feel and with the thicker blade with a false edge that is ground and beveled so it does look double edged. The stock is 3/16" so is very strong. Also includes a kydex sheath!"

Plaza Cutlery is in Costa Mesa, CA and should be well known to cutlery aficionados or folks who attend West Coast knife shows. Dan Delavan's shop is said to be the largest knife shop on our coast. All it took to order my Strider was a phone call to their retail location. I spoke with a very nice dude named Chris who took my order and verified all of my shipping and card info. I'll definitely be doing business with Plaza in the future. They stock stuff that just isn't available too many other places, particularly semi-custom lines like Chris Reeve and Strider, plus an impressive selection of true custom blades and full handmades. Plaza is also an influential enough dealer that often custom makers or production knife companies do Plaza Cutlery exclusive edition knives that are available nowhere else. Case in point is Jon's new carbon fiber limited Benchmade Rift, which was made as a Plaza exclusive.

I wanted to do an in-depth post on my new knife, but there's not that much to say! It's ground from a single piece of S30V stainless, the handle is wrapped with OD paracord, and I paid close to $200 for it, after shipping. A snug kydex sheath with a Blade-Tech Tek-Lock was included. I'm very happy with my purchase. If I think of any revolutionary info, I'll amend this post.

Do I think Strider knives are overrated? Maybe. Do I think they are badass? Most definitely. They are pricey for a line of knives that aren't "true" customs, but Mick Strider and Duane Dwyer's respective true custom pieces make the general Strider knife line look inexpensive, like bargains for that matter!
I'm satisfied for now, though I would like to own the Strider ED, for its badass skeleton cutout design!

Check out Plaza Cutlery

It should be noted that "WP" is more of a size/general style category designation among Strider's lineup, not a specific model per se. The "WP" is offered in a ton of different blade grinds; tantos, spearpoints, clip points etc, along with "rail edge", like the one I got.

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