Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spartan Blades

Everyone is anticipating some disposable income from their tax return right? The economy sucks. It's been awhile since you had some cash to blow on something cool for yourself right?

Well, I found my gift to myself for making it through 2008 alive.

Spartan Blades is a new knife company founded by two special ops veterans; Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey. If you got ahold of the current issue of Tactical Knives magazine, you'll know what I'm talking about. John Larsen reviewed the three Spartan Blades fixed blade knives and gave them all high marks for performance and stain resistance. I don't own any of these knives yet, as they are pretty pricey, base prices, depending on blade color/coating are $308.00 or $310.00 USD, and that's just for the knife alone. Adding a sheath to your Spartan blades purchase will run about $25 to $53 extra. So, I'll spare you any babble or tech-specs, but I leave you with pretty pictures and a link to the Spartan Blades website.



For detailed info on these badass and pricey gems go to the Spartan Blades site Or check out the current issue of Tactical Knives magazine

And Eric, you're going to shit yourself and call me insane when I do my writeup on my brand new Strider fixed blade that I ordered from Plaza Cutlery in Costa Mesa. It was way more than even a knife-buff should pay for a knife, though nowhere near as pricey as one of these Spartan Blades. It will indeed be one of the most expensive knives in my collection, until of course I blow upwards of $350 on one of these fine Spartan Blades!

Look for an in depth review, probably of the Ares, or Nyx here at S, B & T in the coming months. And also stay tuned for pix and info on my Strider WP fixed blade, with the new "rail edge" blade style by the end of the week. I'll also have a post up ASAP about a very cool one-piece, stainless, fixed blade karambit design that can be had for under $15.00.


Anonymous said...

I agree these knives make a great buy especially if you are looking to get your man something! Men can be worse than women when they want something special...guns too expensive! So a knife it is!

I like the fact that it is American made! We need more of that.

Have you seen their new knives, they are good. Got my daughter an Enyo...every women should have something to defend themselves with! I am hoping to get a blue or pink one...that way the boys won't want to borrow mine!

Aaron said...

right on! thanks for reading! I agree, it's great to get a couple bargain knives from reputable companies for under $100 total, but more often than not, they're made in China, Taiwan, or elsewhere. I'm with you, I'm willing to pay for American manufacture, quality, and knowing that you're supporting U.S. jobs is the payoff! Thanks for reading!