Friday, February 13, 2009

Taken, starring Liam Neeson

This movie cements Liam Neeson's place in the halls of BadAssery. This movie doesn't pretend to be anything but what it is; an action revenge movie. Lost's Maggie Grace plays a 17 year old, and that's kind of dumb, considering she's in her mid 20's, but she does it well. Neeson proves he's not too old to kick ass when his daughter is kidnapped by a group of sleazy Albanians intent on delivering her to a bigtime jerkoff who's intent on auctioning her sweet virgin ass off to the highest bidder. Liam plays Brian Mills, a man who used to work for the US government as a "preventer", implying he was CIA/Spec Ops type with some very high quality training and a lifetime of experience. Neeson's hand to hand fighting is very raw and looks to be based on some style of Arnis/Eskrima. You can tell the man obviously trained and learned for this film, as the camera work and editing looks pretty gritty and fight scenes realistic. My nephew and I regretted we didn't take the time to do a kill-count for this film, but that's why I'll be going to see it again at some point before it leaves theaters. I didn't even really want to like this movie, but it so honestly tries to be nothing more than the story of a very dangerous man slaughtering sickos who stole his daughter. That's it, no real character development, no needless plot elements. Just one man hunting and killing anybody who gets in his way in his attempt to find and secure his teenage daughter. For that, I give it props. Not to mention there's a badass fight with Neeson vs. a karambit wielding Frenchman. A pretty impressive feat for a PG-13 film.

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aeric_7734 said...

I was able to scope out the international version of this flick after seeing the US theatrical release... it's unfortunate that our ratings system deemed changes necessary because the movie, especially the fight scenes, flow a lot more smoothly in the international cut. As well, there are a couple of seriously brutal moments in the uncut version. Totally worth seeking out man. I went into this movie expecting to be entertained, as it's a French action flick by the same director as District B-13, and other balls out smorgasbord of relentless action. Just too bad Taken sat on the shelf so long between when it was initially released overseas and when American distributors decided to give it a run.