Friday, June 12, 2009, please check out this link! promises to be a strong voice on behalf of we knife users, carriers and owners. The AKTI, or American Knife and Tool Institute was a step in the right direction, but they mainly act in the interest of knife manufacturers, not individual citizens. Whether or not you believe in organizations like the NRA, please just check these guys out and read what they have to say, then pass it on to a friend or family member. I'm joining tomorrow, when I get my paycheck.

Keep Customs Out of Your Pocket -

The US Government is poised to demonize and eventually outlaw many, if not most common pocketknives, and redefine "switchblade" laws to include almost ALL ONE HAND OPENING KNIVES. It happened in the UK not long ago, those poor citizens can't even carry knives with LOCKING blades (a safety feature for Chrissakes!).

Whether you join or not, is up to you, but please visit this site by clicking on the above banner, and pass the word on to somebody else!!!!!!


AJ187 said...

Got mine in! Thanks for posting this. We only got till the 21st to get the letters in and they have to be there by then. NO POSTMARKARED letters will be accepted. Congress is xtra slow to deliver mail because of security.

Aaron said...

Thanks for giving us the heads-up, I realized that online knife retailers are thankfully jumping on this worthwhile bandwagon too, as it could mean the end of their business!