Monday, October 19, 2009

Point Blank Cutlery...WOW!

I stumbled across this apparently new company during my daily perusal of's new offerings. Both of these pieces stopped me in my tracks. These appear to be custom quality blades for working professionals, at prices similar to other good factory production blades. Sergio Franco, the owner is a military vet, and they make all their stuff inside the USA. Kudos to him, and all the other Vet Owned companies (like Spartan Blades) who are turning their real-world experience into awesome products for other soldiers, hikers, outdoorspeople, and plain 'ol enthusiasts like me! Way to go guys.

Again, I don't have much more to say than DAMN!!!!! Looks like their initial offerings are WELL below $200 USD, and significantly more reasonable on sites like

I'm stoked, and you can bet that one of my next knife purchase, will likely be the double neck knife set, or this awesome little multi-use axe. Again, so cool, I'm floored, and too excited to write much else!! Check out Sergio and Dan's site!! NOW!!!!

PBC's site is here

all photo/video posted here is respectfully borrowed from PBC, knifecenter and "Coop"

Quick addendum: Looks like all their stuff so far features full tang 1095 HC steel blade, with G10 handles, a winning combo in my book. Good ol' 1095 carbon steel might take a tad bit more care (wiping down with tuff-cloth etc after use) but I've found the stuff to be Abrams Tank Tough (ok, I've never ridden in an Abrams, and I'm sure there are better tanks out there in 2009/2010, but dammit! you get my point). For hard use tools like these that may be in the kits of fire/rescue/police or professional soldiers, 1095 is a great way to go IMO.

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