Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Boker Plus Batman folder is no Joker!

Looks as if the Boker Plus Batman folder is finally available. Designed by South African couple, Kevin and Heather Harvey, the Batman has a karambit-esque blade, and deeply arched, wide serrations. It looks just plain badass, but I still wonder how Boker plans to dodge a lawsuit for the name "Batman"? Did they get permission from DC Comics/AOL-Time Warner? Do they not care? Is their marketing staff stoned?

It looks cool, and if the quality to price ratio is anywhere near the Chad Los Banos Boker Plus line, I'm sure fans will be excited to see what 2010 holds, as far as other Boker Plus releases. I'd venture an opinionated guess that Chad Los Banos saved Boker, in an industry eschewing classic German folding knives with 1980's styling, for black and tactical futuristic things, made with G10 and pocket clips.

Boker's Solingen made line still has some great stuff to offer (Boker Jetstream, below), with distinctively German looks (sorta dorky looking IMO), but I'm sure quality is great, as Boker's German made stuff has typically been very tough and well constructed.


Bladerunner said...

Just discovered this great blog. Keep up the good work. Really like the coverage of all types of tactical knives, import or otherwise.

Aaron said...

Thanks for reading!