Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Aerosmith's Joe Perry, and Cheap Trick BBQ with Rachel Ray, Perry shows off Darrel Ralph custom folder.

I missed this one evidently, from a few years back. It's an amusing BBQ meetup before an Aerosmith show, featuring Rick Neilsen from Cheap Trick enjoying barbecue with renowned food host and cooking sexpot, Rachel Ray, as Perry proudly uses some variation on the DDR Maxx folder as a meat skewer and BBQ tool. Perry sounds like a real knife guy as he explains to Ray and the camera, that the knife is spring loaded, not quite a switchblade, but a similar idea.

Darrel Ralph has always done some cool stuff, and he's recently been doing some cool mid-tech stuff, and stuff at a reasonable price, manufactured by a new Ralph partner called HTM (Hand Tech Made), in addition to his in demand customs.

Check out Darrel's Push Skull! It's like a hybrid push dagger/kubotan with a shiny bronze skull. This is a beautiful weapon, and under $200...I may just need to look into one of these.

Check out Ralph's stylish tactical collection HERE

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