Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hey Kringle/Claus! Bring me a manstopper this year!

Forgive me for abandoning class and appropriate language this time of year, but SHIT-GODDAMN! This is a real beauty. The video-game fed, George A. Romero fan in me NEEDS a pistol like this! I love my babyGlock, and even my cheapo Cobra Freedom .380 performs better after a bit o' break in and a lube job, but my next pistol will be a grand piece of work.

I don't, and won't have a grand+ to blow on a pistol anytime soon, but I've always looked to the future of my handgun ownership and thought it'd be nice to hanve something along these lines. Last year at Cabela's I handled a larger Kimber .45 ACP and it felt beautiful, a really nicely crafted weapon. I'm a blade-guy first, but there's no denying there are now TONS of wonderfully made guns like this on the market that bridge the gap between production and custom.

Santa, if you're reading this old man...stuff my stocking with firepower! Please...


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