Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spartan Blades Enyo

Man, I love smallish fixed blades. This is a somewhat newer model from the real-deal guys at Spartan Blades. This is more-or-less a reminder to myself to look into procuring one of these beauties when I can. I don't own one yet, so their site says everything better than I could say it, in a very concise way.

Knife Name: Enyo
Designer(s): Iovito/Carey
Overall Length: 6 1/4"
Blade Length: 2 11/16"
Blade Thickness: 3/16"
Blade Steel: S30V
Blade Hardness: 58-59 HRC
Blade Style: Fixed Drop Point - this design allows for strength of the blade tip by placing it in line with the users hand while keeping the upward curve of the cutting edge.
Coating: SpartaCoat - PVD - ZrN (Flat Dark Earth)
Sheath: Kydex (Tan) with neck chain, IWB loop, and 2' of Para-Cord (550).
Weight: 0.176 LBS (Knife)

These are apparently sold out until later this month. A testament to the popularity and reputation for quality these guys have built in a very short amount of time. Unlike a couple of other popular "mid-tech" or "semi-custom" combat blade companies out there, Carey and Iovito are the real thing, and both apparently have tons of real world military experience all over the globe. *(Inaccurate statement removed here by author, after being contacted by an informed reader)*

Two Americans who have served their country proudly, making some mega badass blades that would be more at home in scary places, than sitting in your safe.

If you haven't yet, take a peek at Spartan Blades; "Knives with Intent"


kingb716 said...

don't be lynn thompson. keep the thinly veiled knocks at Mick out of your posts or you lose your validity as an objective reviewer.

Aaron said...

Understood, I don't know the man, just web-rumor-mill type of stuff. So yeah, I suppose that was sorta shitty to say, and if he's an associate of yours, you have my apologies. . Strider makes killer knives, I got my first (one of many I'm sure) earlier this year. As far as Spartan, again, their positive rep is simply based on things I've heard/read, I admit in the little blurb here that I don't own this knife. As far as validity goes, I'm not aware of any rep I've got at all, positive or negative, I just love knives, pictures of knives, people who make knives etc. I'm by no means an expert, just an enthusiast. I understand that a man's life, or the way he's lived, has no impact on the quality of something he makes. Thank you for the feedback. I simply do this as an outlet for myself, but I love it when others read and comment.

kingb716 said...

cool beans. i completely dig spartan blades as well, though i also don't own any.

and i read every bit of scrap on knives i can, and very little of that comes from realistic users, so i really do enjoy your reviews.

Mick and Duane are good freinds of mine, and my body bears their logo as a symbol of the most honorable group of guys i've had the pleasure to know. if you're at SHOT in January, give them a lookup, you'll be surprised such nice guys don't charge for their company. Chuck Mawhiney and Dick Marcinco are regular guests at their booth and several trophies at Pendleton vouch for Duanes real-deal-ness.

keep up the good work!

Aaron said...

cool, thanks for reading! One of the reasons why I quit posting on certain forums was stuff like that that everyone gets worked up over! I'm not "that guy" in real life, and it's not my desire to be "one of those guys" online. I honestly do appreciate your criticism, especially since you know the man personally. It was simply one of those things blabbed about on a popular forum I used to post on, and I suppose at the time, it simply came out, and I assumed nobody would know what I meant. I have the utmost respect for anybody who has served, in any capacity. I come from a family of folks with military service, and had my naive teenage politics been a bit different, and my feet less defective, I likely would have joined up myself.
take care

Aaron said...

in honor of our civil and respectful exchange here, I've edited, and omitted the statement in question. Thank you for reminding me to watch what jumps from brain to keyboard without a filter. :)