Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shane Sibert TAD Edition D.U.P.K

Simple, utilitarian awesomeness. TAD Gear has teamed up with tactical knife maker Shane Sibert on this piece. It's apparently sold out currently, but TAD sells it for $289 USD. I'm really, really excited to see what the coming year's Sibert/Benchmade team-up will bring. For now, I'm content to look at these pix, of yet another blade I wouldn't mind owning.

Straight from the horse's mouth:
"The Sibert Dive Utility Pack Knife is a TAD Gear limited edition. Expertly crafted from a single piece of S30V steel with the attention to detail that Shane is known for. Our version of the classic design is updated with modern steel and Shane's versatile sheath system. These knives can fill many roles from diving to a lightweight pack knife. Wrap the handle with 550 cord to give it more heft and always have lashing material with you. Shane's work is a favorite at TAD and this is a rare opportunity to get one of these limited knives."

I'm a HUGE fan of single-piece concealable fixed blades, and Sibert makes some awesome looking ones which appear refined but not overblown or ridiculous. As I stated a few days back, be it folder, fixed blade or both, I already know that Sibert's upcoming Benchmade collabs will be in my hand as soon as they are available.

Sibert Knives


Anonymous said...

Something from TAD gear sold out? Big surprise.

Aaron said...

haha! I know, I've never ordered bladeware (other gear, sure) from them, stuff goes like hotcakes. I wonder if they do that intentionally to build hype, or if there are really that many of us in these uncertain economic times who can afford to splurge on nice knives.