Saturday, January 23, 2010

Benchmade Impel, a Matthew Lerch design in S30V. And a baby Infidel in D2.

Damn! That's a good lookin' little auto! Should be out sometime first quarter, this year, 2010. Benchmade's Matthew Lerch Impel is a tidy little package.
* Push button auto with integrated safety
* Clip-point blade
* S30V premiums stainless steel(58-60 HRC)
* Machined aluminum handle with G10 onlay
* Blade Length: 1.98" (5.02 cm)
* Blade Thickness: 0.10" (2.54 mm)
* Open: 5.03" (12.77 cm)
* Closed: 3.06" (18.03 cm)
* Weight: 2.10 oz. (62.10 g)
* Handle Thickness: 0.35" (8.88 mm)
* Made in USA

And I'll be damned if this baby version of Benchmade's popular Infidel out-the-front isn't the cutest thing I've seen slated for 2010 from any company! Actually, the blade is just a hair over three inches, so it's not all that tiny, the proportions just look funny. Also coming soon from Benchmade.

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