Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ASP 21" black baton

So, those who know me, know all about how I acquired my little Glock 26. I was working at a retail cutlery shop, and a fellow we'll call "Steve the Greek" had a WA State concealed carry permit. One night when closing the shop, he showed his G26 to me, and I liked it very much. At that point, my only firearm was a S&W Model 60 with Uncle Mike's rubber combat grips. I'd always wanted an auto. Well, Steve the Greek was a real slight guy, slim, short and almost bird-like, but a tough SOB if there ever was one. His problem was that even the baby Glock 26 was too big for his child-like hands, and he got tired of lugging it in an IWB holster, as he rode public transit. ...Yes, this story IS going somewhere!

To the point, Steve wanted to unload his Glock and get a Kel-Tec P32 for its small size and pocket concealability. He was a generous fellow, and money wasn't a big deal with him, he was very easygoing. So, we decided, that I'd give him $100 USD cash, a very much used, but in good condition Benchmade Stryker (back when Elishewitz's logo was on the blade), the final part of the trade to make the Glock mine was my weeks-old 26" chrome ASP baton! Needless to say, a used knife, a baton and $100 is a GREAT deal for a Glock that was in fantastic condition, both The Greek, and the former owner took very good care of it, and I care for it nicely to this day. But I ALWAYS wanted another ASP...

I satisfied that need today. I casually wandered into Brodsky's, a police supply store in Tacoma, WA. I was looking for a 511 Tactical TDU Belt (my favorite belt), in Coyote tan. Turns out they don't carry much 511 in stock but they can special order pretty much anything. The price was decent, so the nice lady went ahead and ordered a 2xl TDU Belt for me, to be delivered in a week or so. Being in a "cop shop", I was pretty dismayed by the total lack of knives...their glass display case held things like gloves, badge holders and a straight baton/nightstick that looked as if it'd been there for years. I casually inquired about expandable batons. Turns out they'd just restocked their ASP selection a few days prior! I really have bills to pay etc, but the price and timing was right, and she threw in a simple but well made Triple K leather basketweave leather holster for half price! Joy!

I like guns, and I always carry a blade, but I'm VERY comfortable with impact weapons, they're discreet, easy to conceal, and 2 years training with a great FMA group in Seattle makes me feel more confident in my ability to use sticks and batons. Shoot, even in the closed/undeployed position, the ASP baton is a formidable control tool, and can also act as a fistload if ya don't wanna really mess a guy up. Anyhow, here's a shot of my new 21" black ASP in it's handsome and durable (and half price!) scabbard, incidentally, on one of my 511 TDU belts, which I wear daily.

The reputation of ASP products, batons in particular is such, that a full review would be a waste of my time and yours. I just wanted to share my story and my joy of again owning one of these fine, nearly indestructible impact weapons!

Check out Triple K Leather, the model I got appears to no longer be in production, but it'll serve my needs fine, as more often than not, my asp will ride in a jacket pocket. And see ASP Products here.

You can also check out Brodsky's here.


CTone said...

Hell yeah! I've been eying the 16" ASP myself, but haven't gotten around to picking one up.

I don't have any training with one, but I'm interested. One day.

How's that G26 treating you? I love them; what a fantastic CCW piece. With practice and good ammo I could regularly hit balloons with one at 75 yards. Not many subcompact guns can do that.

Aaron said...

I'm liking it, almost wish they would have had the 16", just to cut a bit of weight. I don't have any "proper" LE baton training, but I feel that some of the power hitting stuff my old FMA buddies taught me would suffice in a pinch. I would love to learn more about the baton for joint locks and control though. The 26 is a great gun, every time I casually mention trading it up for a more fullsize Glock, at least 1 friend assaults me with offers for trades or cash, but I think I'll keep it. It's an older one, mfg. in '96 or '97, so there's no accessory rail, but that sorta makes it unique, and if I ever had to use it, it'd be on my turf, with a surefire in my hand at close range realistically. I AM guilty of letting any (haha) proficiency I have with a pistol get rusty, but I'm still better with that little Glock than any other gun I own or have tried! My buddy Eric just got an IO USA-made AK clone, he'll be doing a range report here in a week or two. Take care C!