Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spyderco Fred Perrin PPT Folder

Wow! This brand new Spyderco Fred Perrin Design is a beauty. I love the look of the machined G10 scales. Perrin is a well known knifemaker from France. He's a martial artist as well, and a military vet. Fred Perrin has been a stick fighting and Taekwondo champ as well. The guy's got lots of experience that enables him to create practical blade designs.

The PPT is a Taiwan made knife, but it carries CPM-S30V bladesteel and G10 handles:

Blade Length: 3 5/32" (80 mm)
Cutting Edge: 2 11/16" (68 mm)
Closed Length: 4 1/4" (108 mm)
Overall Length: 7 3/8" (187 mm)
Weight: 5.3 oz. (150 g)
Made in Taiwan

Evidently the acronym name of this knife refers to Perrin and his 2 buddies who collaborated on this design, or PPT="Fred Perrin, Philippe Perotti and Sacha Thiel."

Looks like some of the major online knife stores will have these soon, but in the meantine you can check out Perrin's wares at EDC
Perrin's bladeware is also sold by his good friend and fellow knifemaking martial artist, Mr. Laci Szabo, who makes some wicked shit as well. Check out both mens' knives and weapons at Szabo, Inc

Kiridashi knives are all the rage in the last year or so. Original kiridashi knives are forged 1 piece straight Japanese knives that students and schoolkids carry daily to sharpen pencils, do arts & crafts and for general utility in a pencil box, and are also sometimes used in woodworking. The American (and worldwide really) knife industry seems to have fallen in love with the beautiful simplicity of kiridashi inspired knives as small self defense items, though most custom knifemakers' kiridashis are a far, far stretch from their traditional cousins. Perrin's kiridashi looks a tiny bit closer to the real thing, but either way, it's a badass little knife.

here's Perrin's Shark knife, which looks to be likely inspired by his famous La Griffe (The Claw) knife that he's produced for years. I used to own an Ernest Emerson made version of the Perrin La Griffe, but I ended up trading it away (stupid stupid stupid!!). Emerson's version of the Fred Perrin La Griffe is totally awesome, and one of the best neckers I've ever owned. I'm kicking myself nearly 10 years later for trading it away.

Anyhow, I'm really excited to see which companies pick up Perrin designs in the future, and I hope Mr. Perrin gets some more worldwide exposure. I've been reading about the guy for years, yet it seems he's still not a household name in American knifelovers' vocab. He seems like a cool dude, and definitely has the credentials to back up his bad-ass-ness. Speaking of badass, here's a pic of Fred, probably from some years ago, looking like a badass indeed.

I'm looking forward to purchasing a PPT, when and if I can afford it, and of course, I'll give a rundown right here on this site.

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