Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whoa!! New look to SB&T!?? WTF?

I always liked the readability, and simplicity of the basic template I was using for this site. However, across the 2 years I've been doing this, it's been customary to change the appearance and overall look of SB&T about every 9 months or year, so far. The original SB&T was a very boring format, with lots of shades of green. So, I will be experimenting with different formats over the next month or so, just for fun. All the links, content and article posts will stay the same. For now, and just temporarily, I'll be playing around with some of the new options that blogger has added recently.

I've gotten sort of bored with the standard look over the last year, so, for now (everything is temporary...EVERYTHING bwahahah!) SB&T will look like this, but don't be shocked if I tweak some other options, colors and try new things. Evolution is necessary. I'll still continue to bring you bite size pieces of news, info, pix and reviews involving camp gear, lights, equipment, and foremost, KNIVES!

I'm one of those people, like many of us, who's initially very uncomfortable with change. So, in part, this is me pushing my limits of comfort with the old standby, just for the sake of branching out, and accepting that everything in life is dynamic and in a state of flux, whether we know it or not.
If anybody is severely bothered by this change, or for some reason, if it makes it impossible for you to read this blog, let me know. I think it's pretty readable, the general format is the same. I've just changed some colors, fonts, sizes and things. And of course, there's now a giant bamboo forest behind everything you read!
Feel free to email me, and of course comment on any post here, whenever you feel like it. Post comments are currently not moderated, so Joe Average, or any old spammer could conceivably leave a comment on any post here. That being said, feel free to email me, or comment here, but please have a point, and don't fill my inbox, or comment pages with ads, links to make money quick schemes or anything else silly, stupid, dirty, or lame. Spammers and other good-fer-nothings wouldn't like me when I'm angry!


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