Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sweet Wenger Mike Horn Swiss Army

For starters, many of us know that both Victorinox and Wenger brands are authorized Swiss Army Knives. Victorinox was regarded as the "original", and Wenger claimed they were the "genuine". This arose because both companies did and do indeed at various times, manufacture issue knives for the Swiss military. I'm guessing depending on price, and what was needed, the Swiss government chose one company or the other, for their knife needs. In 2005, Victorinox, whose knives I've always preferred, bought Wenger. The two remain separate companies, but both under Victorinox's ownership.

Anyhow, Mike Horn is a noted South African explorer and adventurer, with many feats of impressiveness under his belt. Click on "Horn" above, to read his Wikipedia page.

This badboy is LOADED with functionality:
*Handle is made from recyclable materials and produced partly w/ Pan European Forest Certificate wood
*One-handed-opening emergency blade with lock. Partially serrated with a blunt point
*One-handed-opening 3.9" blade
*Needle nose pliers with wire cutter
*Nut wrench
*Metal file
*Metal saw
*Can opener
*1/4" Bit holder
*Phillips & flat head screw bits
*Specially-developed cutting reamer
*Awl with sewing eye
*Key ring
*Nylon Pouch included
*Made in Switzerland

That's a lotta tools ladies and gents! The Mike Horn Swiss Knife from Wenger is NOT cheap. MSRP is about 175.00 USD. Which is actually fairly reasonable, considering there are lots of folding knives like those by Benchmade that sport a single blade only, and cost @ least that much. So, if this were the only knife you could choose to bring on a long trip, this might qualify. And supposedly, Mike Horn now carries this as his only blade for expeditions.

I think it's neat that the handle is made from recyclable materials and contains wood from certifiably renewable areas. This knife also just looks incredible. As I said, I have a big spot in my heart for Victorinox, as they have the better selection of models and are easier to find. But Wenger manufactured my very first boyscout Swiss Army knife that I found in like-new condition on a softball diamond adjacent to the one where my older sister's team was competing. I was about 9, and it was the coolest thing on Earth, I still have it to this day. Basically, Wenger and Victorinox knives both have merit, and heck, they're both now owned by a single entity. Anyway, I like the looks and the premise of the Mike Horn knife, maybe enough to buy it even!
To learn more, see Wenger's site. Or check out Mike Horn's Pangaea site.


Perkunas said...

Oh boy.

that looks like useful piece of kit,and it also reminds me of the older grip,though it has beefier fixed plierhead but it looks the same a bit even with that bit-driver.I could use one easily.

Aaron said...

I agree! My only issue would be price, but if a person only owned 1 multi-tool/swiss army, this might be well worth it. I really think the recyclable/recycled certified wood composite handles are cool, they must use it in like a sawdust form and mix it with an epoxy resin or plastic of some type, I REALLY like the bit holder aspect of it too.