Thursday, August 5, 2010

FREE Coast LED Mini-Tac light with cheap shipping

If there's one thing I collect and love as much as knives, it's flashlights.

If you live in Canada or the United States, you should not pass this up. It's totally legit, through Coast. I picked up an LED Lenser flashlight from my favorite warehouse sports store and tucked inside was a free flashlight offer. Well, I signed up, paid my $3.50 USD shipping and handling, and got a flashlight in the mail about a week later. Coast must have overstock of the little Mini-Tac LED light. It's funny, I was going to buy a pair in black a few weeks back, I found 'em cheap, locally. It's a badass little pocket light that normally goes for about $10.00 USD. So, yeah, technically, it's not free, but you can't even get a fast-food value meal for $3.50 these days. Go to Coast's SITE to fill out a quick "survey", use your card for S&H, and get a free light. The "survey" isn't a real survey, it's basically your name and address, and it's quick. They probably have limited quantities, so go do it!

Crystal Reflector Tube System
High-quality LED; white beam
Rear on/off switch
Tactical lightweight aluminum casing
2 15/16-inch length, plus key ring
x1 AAA battery included
.19 Watts

The old version of this light was only 5.5 lumens, the one I received for pocket change, is 7.5 lumens with a max runtime of 18 hours. It runs on a single AAA.
The beam is said to project up to 45 feet. This will be perfect for my ROSS LAKE (WOO HOO!) fishing trip next week, for reading in my bunk.

Again, this is a good offer, and I don't think Coast is going to bombard your mailbox and email with offers from shitty companies. They flat out say that they will not share or sell your info, and I've dealt with Coast before. Their products used to be hit or miss, but all their LED products now are good for the money and they are a reputable firm.
Again see COAST for this cool offer, and check out their other stuff too. LED Lenser is a German firm who manufactures in China, and Coast markets & distributes their stuff exclusively in the USA, and the OTHER $10 LED Lenser light I bought recently is pretty bangin', it's rugged and lightweight:

Above is the Coast/Led Lenser L4 focus beam light. It retails for $25 USD, but I got mine BRAND NEW at my local warehouse store for $9.99. It's no Surefire Defender, but it's definitely the best sub $20 light I own, and the FREEBIE mini-tac is the best $3.50 light you'll ever own, pretty darn cool. Jump on it, like Tanto.

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