Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Victorinox 2010 ltd. ed. Damascus Pioneer

Check it, here's the original VicNox Pioneer, in their "Alox" aluminum handles:

They are slim, bare bones Swiss Army knives with a larger size blade, and can be had in a number of colors including red, green and black, for about $25.00 USD on average.

for 2010, Victorinox has manufacured...that's right, 2010 of these BEAUTIFULLY bladed bastards with damascus "Odin's Eye" pattern blades:

Am I going to seek one out? Probably not, MSRP is just under $200 USD, but finer sites like Knifecenter.com have 'em in stock for roughly $70.00 USD LESS, which is awesome, but I couldn't care less about a gift box, and the only difference is the (albeit) gorgeous damascus blade. Now, generally what jacks up damascus blade knives is the steel PLUS other classy touches, as found on many custom or fancy mid-tech knives. Well, good looks aside, it's still just a black aluminum handle, with no additional accoutrement. Oh well, if my weak fundage was stronger, say unlimited, I'd probably spend 12 hours a day online buying knives. Alas, having withstood the past 3 years with widely varied (in severity and range) medical issues, and currently having trouble supplementing my part-time job income, this knife is not for me. BUT! It certainly is cool, and can be yours for about six Andrew Jacksons.

Am I a sick F*** for wanting to run my tongue down that blade? I don't own very many damascus pieces, and factory-made aside, that's a great looking blade, that is, if the finished product looks that good, and knowing Victorinox, I bet it does. So, if they would have done a 2nd, smaller damascus blade, and some sort of special belt sheath, or maybe some handle variation, I'd be more likely to seek this out...but hey, I do have a birthday coming up next month. Hmmmmm...


CTone said...

"Oh well, if my weak fundage was stronger, say unlimited, I'd probably spend 12 hours a day online buying knives."

So true! The first step in addiction is admitting you have a problem!

Aaron said...

seriously man, I have THE addictive personality. After cleaning up my act (sobriety, surprisingly alcohol was *not* my problem, other issues) knives became like a placebo addiction. My buddy who was in much worse shape than me turned to a nightly pint of Ben & Jerry's when he decided to start living again, cheaper than knives but way more fattening!