Friday, August 20, 2010

Just a quickie; Alpha Innovations Kubatons & Other Stuff

Back on July 15th, I wrote about Alpha Innovations' Single Finger Knuck and 'Letter Opener'. Since then I've placed 2 orders with these masters of polymer impact weapons, and I cannot say enough good things. Owner Jeff Farrand seems like a swell guy, and their USA Made (ALL of THEIR stuff is US Made, they offer other stuff from diff. manufacturers too) is top notch. I just ordered a PINK kubaton (ok real spelling is Kubotan, after Tak Kubota, but that's how Alpha spells it) for a female friend. I'm no expert but several years of adolescent TKD and 2 years more recent training in FMA make me feel confident enough to show her some tricks for basic defense with a kubotan or small stick.

They offer a variety of really inexpensive kubaton designs, they ship worldwide, and you can pay with a card, or use PayPal. Their stuff is extremely tough, I've been wearing the OD Single Finger Knuck around my neck on a ball-chain and it's unscathed, I've also taken the opportunity to act out my 14 year old martial arts fantasies by punching garbage bins, pillows, and (whoops) even a wall! Seriously though, I think my favorite is their Jaw Jacker. For legal reasons, they have to say it's a "novelty" interpretation of 'what our ideal knucks would look like', but the thing is THE BEST, hands down non-metallic knuckle I've ever held, and at around $20 USD, it's a steal. I know they have to cover their butts with state and local statutes regarding weapons, but the Jaw Jacker is NO joke! They even have a Tactical Dog Leash version, that would be fabulous (yeah, I used that word) for urban dog walkers.

So, not to sound like an ad-man, but check out Alpha Innovations for a wide array of quality self defense products that won't break the budget. Good stuff.

The pink kubaton; "hey baby, wanna see my pink pocket stick?":

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Aaron said...

just got another order from these guys, quick, and products as promised. Alpha Inno rules!