Thursday, August 19, 2010

SB&T Facebook page is live.

Check out the box in the sidebar, or go see S,B & T's new page on Facebook.

I figure this will allow me to keep in touch with readers, and "professional" contacts both, while separating my personal Facebook profile from what I do here on the blog. The blog is now linked to my Twitter account as well.

Thanks for your continued readership & support, I appreciate it very much. This is something I do for me, out of my love for blades, and a compulsion to write, but it makes me happy to know that there are others who like to read what I do here. Coming up, I'm thinking that this blog needs an official logo. I'm pretty sure I'll be holding another contest, this time for logo designs. I'll make it worth your while to enter with some dope prizes, and fill you in on the grisly details later.

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