Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Budget Surefires; G2X & 6PX

I'm really hating the new blogger editing interface. Goddammit!  I'm thrown off my game.  Oh well, I guess I need to adapt & overcome in order to survive.  Change is good, right?  It's adapt or die out, which is certainly more true than ever at the rate we're seeing technology advance.  Though I'm not alone in being thrown off by change, I recently read that Digg has had a severe drop in use after a big redesign.  People didn't dig it at all.  However, as I write, I can feel myself settling into blogger's new editor, forced on us, as the comfortable old style editor will soon go bye-bye for good.  Adapt & Overcome I will!
Anyhow, this blog isn't about bitching about stuff, it's about GEAR & I love Surefire's products like most of us, but I typically stick with the polymer bodied G2 and G3 series, as they are great, and the G2 can be found under $40.00 USD on average, with the G3 (incandescent) can be found sometimes as low as $50-something.    
 The 6PX Tactical and 6PX PRO are spanking new, LED variations of the classic two cell, aluminum bodied 6P.  The Tactical is 200 lumens & has the classic press-momentary/twist-constant on tailcap.  The PRO has a clickity tailcap that gives the user a choice between a big bright 200 lumens or a weak, but battery-saving 15 lumens.
The G2X Tactical and the G2X PRO are essentially cousins of the new 6PX Tac and 6PX PRO but made of Nitrolon polymer (derp...plastic) which makes them lighter than their hard bodied buddies (4.4 ounces versus 5.2 ounces for the aluminum ones).

These should be available now @ some retailers, though Surefire hasn't updated their SITE to reflect the new products.  We're all struggling to cut back, save dough etc, but we don't want cheapshit gear.  These are Surefire in every way.

From an industry press release:
“In spite of the tough times, our mission is to keep quality products in the hands of our customers, and keep jobs in the U.S.A.,” said SureFire CEO/Founder Dr. John Matthews. He continued, “This was a big undertaking for SureFire, and I couldn’t be more pleased with our employees who worked so hard to make this happen.”

To keep costs down, the heads of all new models are fixed, not removable, and being that they all feature LEDs, there's no need to remove the head, as LEDs don't need changing.  They implemented slightly cheaper reflectors as well, but I have a feeling they'll all still be mega high performance.  The G2X can run from 2.5 up to 45 hours on its low 15 lumen setting.  I can speak from experience when I say there are times when you don't need your light blasting blinding light, it's nice to have just a few lumens to poke around the tent, or get up and pee when others are trying to sleep.  Surefire does it again, I hope to get my grubby hands on the cheapest model and do a review...I'll keep you posted.

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