Friday, September 24, 2010

Waiting For the Esee DPx H•E•S•T /F (Hostile Environment Survival Tool / Folding) Knife

Why must we wait until December?!!!!!
It's so damn hot, I've got mine on reserve, and hopefully I'll have some dough to actually pay for it when they come into the site where I reserved it!
It's made by Italy's Lion Steel which has a history of making big brutal quality folders, not to mention a full range of classic designs for camping and sporting as well.

I'm guessing this decision was made because it's likely that Esee's American manufacturing partner Rowen Manufacturing is currently only set up to make fixed blades.  That's just an unfounded guess, but it makes sense.  Jeff Randall & Mike Perrin have learned their lesson dealing with alleged "questionable" manufacturing partners, there's a rumored nasty falling out with Ontario Knife Company of New York.  I don't know the details, I've just heard that some sort of legal battle ensued after Randall cut ties to Ontario.  I'm guessing the reason he renamed RAT Cutlery to Esee Knives has something to do with clearing the slate and refreshing the company's great history of well though out, and beautifully made knives.  RAT/Esee makes some of the most durable factory made stuff out there, it's American made, well designed, and meant to take beating after beating.  These are the type of knives you want with you when the shit hits the fan.  They are usually reasonably priced and pack a high quality-to-price ratio.  Everybody loves the now legendary Izula neck knife, and evidently an Izula folder is in the works for 2011.  I think the hype will be justified when the Esee/Lion Steel DPx H.E.S.T. Folder is released.  It can be had for about $175.00 USD, though MSRP is just a hair over $250.

This is the adjustment tool that will reportedly comes with the knife, and is a tool in its own right.
Special Mr DP Skull Tool adjustment wrench / multi-tool for adjusting RotoBlock pivot and glass breaker removal tool
Rope Cutter
Self Defense Tool
Wrench for Clip
PIvot Adjustment Tool
LIfetime Warranty

A limited edition with a special variation of the tool has already sold out:

As far as the knife is concerned, the specs are as follows:
>-Bead-blasted .187" thickness German D2 Tool Steel Blade.
>-Stone-washed Solid Titanium 6Al4v GR.5 alloy frame
>-Patented Lion Steel RotoBlock System
>-Bead blasted American-made Foliage Green G10 handle scale
>-Removable stainless steel glass breaker (comes with replacement smooth head screw) with Lanyard attachment.
>-1/4" Hex driver
>-Special Wire stripper jimping and lashing points
>-Thumb grip/bottle opener/ pot lifter blade notch
>-Available in right and left hand models

As far as manufactured (I mean not handmade in a tiny boutique custom shop) knives go, this is definitely highly anticipated, and will arrive just in time for Christmas.  I'm sure it'll be popular among deployed servicemen (and women) all over the world.  I'm looking forward to it more than any knife in recent history, and I'm getting antsy, but the holiday season is lurking just around the corner.  How time flies!

Here's a shot of Lion Steel's big, badass SR1 II RUN:
I'm anxious to see what the Lion Steel/Essee partnership yields in the coming year, and hopefully we'll see wider distribution (to America) of knives like the Lion Steel folders pictured above.


Andrew said...

That new folder is sexy as hell, and the fallout between RAT and Ontario was when Ontario tried to lay claim to the RAT name/trademark, hence the switch to ESEE

Aaron said...

hey Andrew!
yes, yes it is sexy as hell. And thank you! Now I remember, I knew I've read various grumblings about the static between the 2, and it always sounded like Jeff Randall was in the right, I just didn't want to go deep into details as I don't know Jeff personally, or the details, so I just alluded to it, and figured that was what was behind the name change, the new name is way more distinctive anyhow. I can't WAIT to get my greay little paws on this knife!
thanks for reading amigo!

Jes said...

man I cant wait for this thing to arrive. hopefully I'll be able to scrounge up the change by then.

Aaron said...

I heard that Jes! I started a jar the other day, haha! seriously, that way if bills and stuff are overwhelming in December I can take all those 5's and 1's and change and go deposit it in the account to make sure I have one of these to review!
thanks for commenting.