Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Thief


We'll be back soon (days?) with more reviews n' stuff ASAP.  We're adjusting to significant (positive) life changes out here & trying to find the time to organize & make room for all our new projects, and also big, healthy changes in our 'day job' work situation.
Please hang with us, and know that we appreciate all new readers and followers of the Facebook page.
take care
(oh yeah, by "we", I mean Me)


Jes said...

Merry Christmas!

Aaron said...

thanks Jes! merry Christmas to you, and a happy new year, thanks for your continued correspondence and support of what I do here! As you may have noticed I had to enable comment moderation because I've been getting lots of advertising link spam in the form of insultingly veiled "comments" on many posts. I assure you that your comments, and those of other actual readers & friends will be published, I just had to do something to cut off the spam that I had avoided for so long
Take care and thank you!!!