Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Look At Becnhmade's 15000-1 'Bone Collector' Fixed-Blade Skinner, D2 Bladesteel

Pardon my mis-wording regarding the handle, I keep referring to it as "green & black micarta", I know it's G10. I've been writing some stuff about 2 different knives with micarta handles today, and the word was stuck in my head, just a slip of the tongue...I'm well aware the difference between G10 & Micarta.

Just a peek at the Benchmade B.C. skinner, which I found this past summer.  Full written review to come on the new walnut-handled D2 Bone Collector folder (the larger size).  I haven't really found a whole lot of use for this fixed blade yet, but I anticipate Spring & Summer will see it used, and that I'll also get quite a bit of EDC use from the walnut-handled folder, which is totally killer, I love it, more to come.

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