Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Sort Of Practice/Warmup Vid, Benchmade Bone Collector Mini Folder

Just another quickie, more just for the sake of me learning the camera(s) and software I am working with.  This is a killer little folder, though it's been out for awhile, so there really isn't much to say that hasn't been said.  I'm simply trying to see if I can improvise on the fly, and teaching myself to put videos together quickly, for future reference.  I put the music in there to spice it up, I know the levels are weird, so feel free to ignore my blabbering and enjoy the jams.

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Aaron said...

Notes on the Music:
I should note that the 1st song, the angry music, is a song called "There's A Hole In My Chest" by Colony, from their self titled CD "Colony" on Frequency Deleted Records, distributed by Deathwish Records. 2nd song, the pretty psychedelic one, is "Acid Rain", by Grails, from their Doomsayer's Holiday record on TEMPORARY RESIDENCE LIMITED records