Friday, April 13, 2012

28NL, Locker & OSS 10B Brunton Back to USA Manufacture

Super mega Tiny 28NL

Locker compass, with small thin drybox case attached for matches, meds, & other small supplies etc...
Brunton has always made good stuff...but with their new line of navigation devices, they appear to have cleaned up interfaces & simplified things...there are some VERY neat things on their updated site.  I'm excited to play around with my new OSS 10B, just the $12 USD entry level compass in their whole OSS line (they don't explain what the hell "OSS" it just me?)  "Outdoor Super Stud maybe?  Outdoor Support System?  Hell if I know.  OK, it's "Orbital Sighting System", really, & all that means is the needle has a circle in it, & the circle that says "N", is encircled by that circle...seriously.  It's a clever marketing way to both use a fancy sounding acronym...& tell your customers, "it's okay, nobody else knows how to use a compass either, allow us to show you, with circles."  Get it? Orbits? Orbital?   Yeah, I said the same thing.  Anyhow...Brunton's basic compass prices are still very reasonable... I'm really glad to see that US Flag Star Logo & the words "Made In USA", on more of their wares!!!

Brunton O.S.S. 10B
I bought this little $12.00 OSS 10B at my local REI (Ridiculously Expensive Items), lol, as soon as I saw it was lighter & smaller than my neon green Chinese made Brunton...but it's also USA made, like most of Brunton's newest offerings.

Brunton's OSS compasses & more

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